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Stage Financial’s Howard Morgan Attains Chartered Status in Financial Advice


We at Stage Financial are proud to share that Howard Morgan has achieved charted status with the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF), after dedicating two decades as a trusted financial advisor to clients in Richmond, Twickenham, St. Margaret’s, Isleworth, Teddington, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need financial advice, pension management, mortgage information, wealth management, or planning for retirement, Stage Financial is your trusted financial advisor to protect your assets.

Becoming chartered in financial advice

Becoming a Chartered Associate of the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) is a journey marked by continuous learning, dedication, application, and mastery of the intricate financial services landscape.  So, gather around as I take you on my rollercoaster ride from being a diploma-qualified financial advisor and retirement savings planner to achieving Chartered status. Strap yourself in because this tale is full of twists, turns, and even a pandemic curveball!

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It was 2020, and the world was knee-deep in the chaos that we all fondly remember as COVID-19. Like many, I found myself pondering the uncertainties of the future. Would work come to a screeching halt? Would I finally be able to binge-watch that entire series on Netflix?

Amidst this whirlwind, an idea sparked within me. I had long dreamt of reaching chartered status before hitting the big 4-0, and well, why not now? After years of telling people the importance of wealth management and guiding them to golden years of retirement, it was time to think a little about my dreams and goals. 

Even with my trusty diploma qualification in hand, which I’d had many years, specializing in at-retirement and later-life planning, I embarked on my journey towards becoming chartered. Although Stage Financial was doing well, catering to the financial needs of the people of Richmond, Teddington, Kingston, and Twickenham, it was time to take Stage Financial to the next level. 

Navigating life is like a puzzle

Little did I know that this path would be like a puzzle, one piece at a time. Like many of you, I’ve had some big life events — getting married, the birth of 2 beautiful boys joining the chaos, and one born this summer of 2023 brought more sunshine into my world. Though my parents passed away over a decade ago, their unwavering support and values have stayed with me, and I share their stories with my boys.

Indeed, we all wear many hats—for me, a partner, a parent, a financial advisor—and I added one more by aspiring for chartered status. Each day, I carried my parents’ legacy in my heart and a vision of that platinum standard of excellence I aim to deliver. With every client interaction, I strived to be a financial maestro, orchestrating retirement plans, investment strategies, and financial well-being symphonies.

Strong values and the pursuit of excellence

As I navigated the intricate world of financial services, I proudly earned another degree — an extra feather in my cap. The glittering letters on my CV were not just alphabets; they were badges of determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence. All driven by the strong values and ethics instilled by my parents.

And now, my friends, I stand at the threshold of a new chapter—the pinnacle of my journey, in pursuit of the Chartered status. This isn’t just about adding a fancy title; it’s about recognizing a lifetime of dedication, learning, and growth. Every client I’ve advised, every plan I’ve crafted, every lesson I’ve learned— these are the threads that form the tapestry of my career.

So, as I reflect on the past two decades, I do so with a mix of nostalgia, gratitude, and a touch of humor. Who would’ve thought a pandemic year would kickstart such a transformative adventure? Life’s twists and turns have a funny way of leading us to where we’re meant to be.

As I venture forth to claim the title of Chartered Associate of LIBF, I invite you all to join me in embracing change, cherishing experiences, and constantly raising the bar. After all, becoming chartered isn’t just about a professional accolade; it’s a testament to our unyielding spirit, the support of loved ones, and the pursuit of greatness.

Creating Financial Security

Here’s to dreams achieved, to parents’ legacies, and to the never-ending pursuit of excellence in all we do. Let’s continue crafting our stories with laughter, determination, and a hint of witty charm. Let us understand the importance of wealth management and continue working hard to make Stage Financial a hub of your financial planning, pensions advice, mortgages, and later-life and retirement planning for the people in Richmond, Twickenham, St Margaret’s, Isleworth, Kingston, and Teddington.

Cheers to chartered dreams fulfilled and the exciting next chapter — helping my clients secure their financial futures! 🎉🌟

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