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Introducing Howard Morgan Your Wealth Manager


Introducing Stage Financial’s trusted financial advisor
Howard Morgan

Bringing platinum standard financial advice to Richmond, Twickenham, St Margaret’s, Isleworth, Teddington and beyond.

We sit down with Howard Morgan who heads up Stage Financial in Richmond upon Thames, to get to understand what made him set up his company, his approach to being a financial advisor, and obviously a bit about himself.

Why did you set up Stage Financial?

Even though I had qualified with a MA, I realised that I had no real financial knowledge, which I felt was an oversight. I wasn’t alone, a lot of friends and colleagues were in the same boat, so I decided to learn more, which led me to become a Financial Advisor.

So when I set up Stage Financial, my main aim was to offer clear, unbiased advice, passed on in a jargon-free manner. There are too many stories of people getting ripped off and I wanted to help put a stop to that. I also wanted to focus on the area where I live in West London.

Why have you focussed on your local area?

I live in Twickenham and I love the area and the other parts of West London that surround it, including Richmond, St Margaret’s, Isleworth, and Teddington. Being part of the community gives me an insight into this neighbourhood, which in turn provides me with a deeper understanding of the issues my clients are facing. Also having clients as neighbours gives me an extra reason to do my best for them.

You say that you are qualified to a platinum standard, what does that mean?

I am one of few FA’s to have all three qualifications, which allows me to offer advice at a broader level than a lot of my competitors, these include:
1. Equity Release (lifetime mortgages)
2. Defined Benefits pensions ( pension transfers)
3. Long-term Care (Care Bonds and Annuities)

Would you say you have a typical client?

Most of my clients tend to be at or thinking about retirement age. Unsurprisingly are looking for advice around their pensions, wealth management, and later life planning. Though I do have younger clients who focus more on forward planning.

What range of services do you offer?

Broadly speaking my financial advice covers three specific areas: Wealth Management, Pensions planning, and Later life planning. Within these three streams I offer financial advice on:
• Pensions – Lifetime Allowance Excess
• Pensions – Consolidation
• Pensions – Defined Benefit Advice
• Pensions – Commercial Property
• Income In Retirement
• At Retirement-Equity Release
• At Retirement-Long Term Care (Care Fees)
• Inheritance Tax Planning
• Pensions-Pension Sharing Orders
• Lasting Power of Attorney
• Wills
• Retirement Planning

How do you tend to get clients?

I am pleased to say that most come from referrals from other clients, as well as accountants. I also hear from solicitors looking for a Platinum Standard Service on wills, probate, family law, estate planning departments & matrimonial departments (divorces). Other IFAs who are not qualified in specific areas that I specialise in, e.g. defined benefits, pensions, equity release (lifetime mortgages), and long-term care. I am also still associated with Keystone Wealth Management, so I still get recommendations from them.

What is your relationship with Keystone Wealth Management?

To get technical, Stage Financial is a trading style of Keystone Wealth Management, a large wealth management firm, based in Kingston upon Thames. What this means is that I am able to provide the security, governance, and regulatory compliance of a big operator and still provide my clients with an individual and personalised service.

The other benefit of this relationship to my clients is that they have access to a host of specialist advisers, with the appropriate regulatory framework, so giving them confidence, expertise, and financial knowledge.
The association with Keystone gives Stage Financial access to the necessary compliance and regulatory frameworks that KWM provides including being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What is your philosophy regarding being a financial adviser?

I always go down the personalised route and in turn, try to do my very best for them. Having the qualifications that I have which are: LIBF – Level 6 Pension Transfer (PETR), Level 3 Regulated Equity Release, LIBF – Award in Pension Transfers, and CII – Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning means that the advice
I give is broad and far-reaching.

I am passionate about ensuring that clients do not make wrong decisions and that the advice I give is not just correct for them financially but personally too.

Ultimately, I believe that treating people with kindness and with humanity will always result in a positive outcome for both parties.

You have been offering advice for over 15 years to families, individuals, couples, and businesses – what are the three things that drive you forward?

• Helping my clients to take control of their finances and giving them trusted advice so they can understand their financial options.
• Problem-solving for clients like my parents, I want to offer good solid trustworthy advice that helps them to enjoy their retirement. Sadly, my parents were scammed, and I would never want other people to be in a similar situation.
• Being able to work in an honest and value-adding career that brings real meaning to my clients and allows me the flexibility to be an active family man.

Finally, why have you called your company “Stage” Financial?

Because we all go through different financial stages in our life, such as student loans, home deposits, mortgages, marriage, children, school fees, moving to a bigger house, promotion, inheritance, and retirement.

I also have always had a love of the creative arts, especially the theatre, so the name is a nod to my MA in arts.

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