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Howard Morgan, your trusted Financial Advisor for London, Richmond, Twickenham, St Margaret’s, Isleworth, Teddington and beyond.

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Howard Morgan | Wealth Manager

Founder and brains behind Stage Financial, Richmond-based financial advisors who specialise in Pensions, Retirement Planning, Later Life Planning, and Wealth Management.

Stage Financial is a trading style of, and works in partnership with Keystone Wealth Management based in Kingston-upon-Thames. This partnership enables my team to provide you with personalised and tailored advice whilst harnessing the power of a larger network of specialist advisors.

With the ‘Morgan’ surname and coming from a family of bookkeepers and accountants, managing finances and wealth has always factored into my career plans. So after completing a creative degree, I continued my financial studies whilst working in the industry. So, I know firsthand the importance of financial planning and security.

I am not only a fully qualified Financial Advisor, I hold additional qualifications above the minimum industry standard that allows me to deliver a sophisticated offering to clients in London, the Home Counties, Richmond, Twickenham, St Margaret’s, Isleworth, Kingston and Teddington.

At Stage Financial, our approach is to demystify, advise and offer financial advice on a personal level. My multi-disciplinary qualifications allows me to lead the team to give clients a broader range of investment options. This expertise, coupled with our broad specialist qualifications, translates into a tailored solution for our clients rather than a generic, one-size-fits-all option.

Stage Financials’ Expertise

At Stage Financial we strive for excellence in our service and advice, which we refer to as “Platinum Standard” or “Platinum Financial Advice”. Our using these phrases does not represent an award, qualification, industry standard, or guarantee, rather they are descriptors of our service and quality ethos toward our clients.

At Stage Financial we pride ourselves on only employing highly qualified individuals with experience and qualifications in multiple areas regarding retirement and later life advice.

Not all advisers are qualified in all areas, and as such it can be confusing whether one area is the best overall solution for you. We have wide industry experience and a broad range of qualifications, more than the minimum standard required, so we strive to give you peace of mind that the advice given, best suits your needs and personal circumstances.

The Process

Not an inflexible procedure, more a route map that we have created to ensure that the advice we give you is personalised and helps you achieve your goals and dreams.


Your Goals

The get-to-know you chat. Our financial advisor will  sit down with you and figure out what you want both financially and personally.


Our Analysis

We put your current financial situation under a microscope, report on our findings and then give you a set of solutions on how you can reach your financial goals.



The talking stops and the agreed financial plan is put into action, and of course, we remain in contact.


Review & Progress

A check-up to monitor progress and if required further plans are put in place.

Why Choose Stage Financial

Basically, what separates us from our competitors? Professional qualifications and expertise aside, my acting experience has given me the people skills that enable me to engage with clients on a personal level. My values are instilled in the Stage Financial team, so our approach is:


No hidden fees, no secret commissions. With trust and honesty, we believe that our relationship and your goals will succeed.


A platinum standard of financial advice, based on a rigorous financial training, subsequent qualifications and an ability to offer personalised solutions.


Constant research into new products and investment vehicles to give you the most suitable investment opportunities, but only if they are in line with your long-term objectives.


Advice that doesn’t just adhere to traditional investment models. Taking a fresh approach to your investments puts your financial goals on the right track.

Our professional neighbourhood

We are locals, and we live in the area that we primarily operate in, that being a 10-mile radius of Richmond. This includes Twickenham, St Margaret’s, Isleworth, Kingston and Teddington. Our passion is to work with local individuals, families and businesses who are looking for a secure and happy future.

Our client base is broad and spans across London and the Home Counties. We are fortunate to be able to connect with our clients using virtual meetings as well as in-person.

We feel working in a focused geographical location gives us greater flexibility to connect personally with the people and companies we advise and so offer them the appropriate financial solutions.

What our customers say

When choosing the right Financial Advisor, it is helpful to hear about others’ experiences. Especially if they resonate with your own circumstances. See what our clients have to say:

Jess T, Hampton

Following on from probate with my late Mother I was seeking professional advice on where best to place the inheritance. Howard has seen us through some extensive advice that we now fully trust him with our investments. He is always so friendly, professional & knowledgeable of the financial industry & seeks to fulfil our needs to the optimum. He also assisted us with getting all our pensions together in one place & working best for us & our families future. I would actively recommend Howard; our investments are doing even better than expected in an uncertain world with some real growth. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to this degree with the service we have received over the years now which worth its weight in gold!

Thomas B, Kingston

Thank you very much for arranging my pension in December 2022 which allowed me to pay a lump sum from my business to offset against corporation tax. Howard and the team acted swiftly and professionally to take hold of an existing pension pot I set up many years ago and best placed it in a fund that fitted to my goals of a financially secure future. I look forward to having a long-term relationship with Howard and Keystone. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking to review and plan their finances.

Neil L, Whitstable

I was looking for advice on how to consolidate several Pensions and was recommended several Financial Advisers. I chose Howard as he looked to be the best fit for my situation. We reviewed my various pension pots and decided to leave some ‘as is’ and consolidate other pensions to give the best return. Howard can explain complicated Pension advice in plain and simple terms which is easy to understand. His advice has been invaluable, and his friendly nature and excellent knowledge has made life very easy for me.

Jen B, Twickenham

I had several different pensions that I had accrued that I wanted consolidating to help me plan for retirement. He is warm and friendly and was the first advisor I spoke to that really delved into my personal circumstances and financial needs in a holistic way. He has a way of explaining very complex issues in an interesting and relatable way. Howard went above and beyond to get me the best pension investment for my personal needs. He communicated regularly and effectively throughout the whole process, and I feel confident I have the best product available. Finding a highly qualified financial advisor that is a joy to work with is like gold dust, so I’ll stick with him for any financial planning needed in the future.

Steve W, London

I am really pleased with the help and advice Howard provided me recently regarding a Pension Transfer. We discussed my needs and my future goals and answered my questions. We agreed on the next steps, and he was able to manage the transfer process for me. He is very approachable, honest and gives clear explanations. We stay connected to review my financial plan each year and I am more than happy to recommend him to family & friends.

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