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Inheritance Tax Planning – Safeguarding Your Legacy


Beyond the Will: Protecting Your Heirs from Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax (IHT) advisors are critical in your wealth management and inheritance tax planning.   An independent financial advisor helps with estate planning to protect assets and ensure beneficiaries receive their full inheritance while reducing IHT liabilities.

Independent financial advisors for London, Stage Financial, are experienced financial planners in IHT and wealth management. 

Howard Morgan, founder of Stage Financial, has been an independent financial advisor in Richmond for over 15 years.  Howard uses both his professional charted status with the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF)and personal experience to provide expert and empathetic advice.

Removing commission-based structures has made financial advice costs clearer for people like Howard’s mother, thanks to increased transparency.  Howard reviewed his mother’s estate planning and found that the bonds had high initial and ongoing charges.

Wealth Management & Estate Planning

In Howard’s case, his mother, as the executor of her father’s estate, took commendable steps by implementing Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs).  She also took independent wealth management advice to shield the assets from IHT, structuring them using Onshore Bonds in the form of Will Trusts.

At first, the investments in the bonds were a good plan for wealth management. However, over 17 years, they didn’t do well and lost value because of inflation.

Reviewing the estate planning on behalf of his mother, Howard, identified the bonds were subjected to high initial and ongoing charges.  A substantial percentage of the invested capital was going towards commissions, eroding long-term returns.

As a financial planner, Howard was able to use his independent knowledge of the financial landscape in the review.   Transparency, brought by the abolition of commission- based structures, now allows individuals, like Howard’s mother, to understand the true cost of financial advice. In today’s scenario, fees are clear, based on time and complexity, ensuring that clients are aware of the charges associated with their financial plans.

Independent Financial Advisor

Certified financial advisors, like Stage Financial, prioritise periodic reviews and adjustments to wealth management strategies. Proactivity ensures financial plans align with changing needs and goals of the client.

How to avoid inheritance tax (IHT) is complex and involves careful financial planning and vigilance with associated costs.

Moving from commission-based to clear fee structures has greatly improved the value and peace of mind for consumers.

It’s a testament to the positive strides in the financial industry, ensuring that individuals can safeguard their legacies and make informed decisions for the benefit of future generations.

Stage Financial are your trusted inheritance tax advisors in London, so book a complimentary 15min Clarity Call today.

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